The Little Church with the Big Heart

The Little Church with the Big Ideas

St John's Lutheran Church

Welcomes You!





If I come alone?

Yes. You won't be alone after you get here.


If I'm from another denomination or tradition?

Yes. In fact, while a lot of our folks are Lutheran lifers, many of our people come from other churches or none at all.


If I bring my family?

Yes. Kids, babies (crying, sleeping or otherwise), blended families, multi-racial families, grandparents, cousins, live-in or visiting relatives, bring them all. You're all welcome. Our worship services are kid-friendly.


If I don't bring my family?



If I bring some, but not all, of my family?



If I'm single? Divorced? Separated?

Of course. Come and be who you are.


If I belong to a racial or ethnic minority?

Certainly. We not only welcome diversity, we like it. We're a colorful bunch in every sense of the word.


If I'm gay/lesbian/transgendered/bisexual?

Yes. Come and be who you are. Its disturbing when a devout person, or anyone, has trouble finding a church home because their sexual orientation bars them from full inclusion, or exposes them to discrimination, rejection and even hostility. If that's been your experience, it is cause for grief. Let St John's be your refuge.


If I'm disabled or have special needs?

Yes. Our congregational hospitality is genuine. However, we apologize that our building does not perfectly reflect that hospitality. A chair lift will take you from street level to the sanctuary. There's a row for wheelchairs. The fellowship hall is accessible by wheelchair from the street. Sighted members are ready to assist the sight-impaired. Were looking for a person who can sign for the hearing impaired.


If I have special needs at Communion?

Yes. If you can't come forward to receive Communion, it will be brought to you in the pew. You also have the option of either grape juice or wine, and the option of either wheat or gluten-free communion wafers.


If I'm old? Yes. We need you.


If I'm young? Yes. We need you.


If I'm not sure what I believe?

Yes. We're all on our pilgrim way, in various stages of doubt and faith, uncertainty and conviction. We do better when we can share and lean on one another. We need to be where the gospel can speak to our questions. Come and be who you are. Seekers welcomed.


If I'm a lapsed Christian?

Yes. We're all lapsed in one way or another. Come rediscover the treasures.


If I'm a student?

Yes. Students even have a special place on our prayer list.


If I'm not ready to get involved?

Sure. We'll give you the space you need.


If I don't know how the worship service goes, what to do, when to speak, when to stand up or sit down?

No problem. We use a full-service printed bulletin that has all the responses, hymns, cues to stand and sit, and so forth. If you're lost, it means the rest of us are too.


If I'm unemployed? Or if I'm a doctor / shift worker / waitress / lawyer / artist / athlete / entrepreneur / retiree / actor / plumber / homemaker / astronaut / ? If I'm a has-been or a wanna-be?

Yes. Come and be who you are. Explore what you can become through faith, in the company of people who accept you.


If I don't dress up?

Yes. Come comfortable. Lots of our people dress casually because that's their style. Others come straight from work wearing their work clothes. Some of our folks have health concerns that make very casual clothing best for them. Throw something on and come visit. We'd like to see you and frankly just dont really care if your socks match.


If I wear my Sunday best?

Yes, of course. You'll see coats & ties and dresses & heels right beside sweatshirts and sneakers. What you wear will be fine because you're in it.


If I'm politically liberal or politically conservative?

Yes. We like diversity.

If I'm theologically liberal or theologically conservative? Yes. What doesn't change is our Christian, and Lutheran, identity. Week by week you'll meet the scriptures and experience the Holy Trinity worshipped and proclaimed. Within that affirmation and commitment, with confidence in the power of prayer, and within the safety of the genuine love for one another that you find here, we are each free to be where we are, to be who we are, to be frank and trusting, and not to have to agree about everything.


St John's seems to welcome pretty much anyone at all. Doesn't that compromise Christian teaching? No. It fulfills it.


We confess the Trinity: the Creator, the incarnation of God in the Savior Jesus Christ, the ever-present, living, transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

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